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Our mission is simple: to help you complete customs formalities smoothly, quickly and correctly. We have an extensive experience in the field of customs clearance for more than 10 years, exclusively providing the services of a customs broker. We understand the specifics and needs of companies. We will make sure that your customs formalities are compliant, and we will also recommend what legal options you can use to pay fewer import duties or to expedite the whole process.

We deal with all import, export and transit customs procedures, including inward processing, customs warehousing, end-use and simplified procedures. The Lithuanian Customs has granted us the status of an authorised consignor; we have a comprehensive guarantee for transit and the status of an authorised issuer to issue the proof of Union status of the goods (T2L, T2LF), and we are also holders of AEO status. Therefore, we can offer the most efficient solutions for customs clearance

Customs declarations shall be lodged with customs through electronic means. This way, we fill in and submit import, export and transit customs declarations at all customs offices in Lithuania. We will provide you with the services of a customs broker and will take care of the customs clearance of your cargo, regardless of which Lithuanian city your cargo is in.

KIPIS - if your cargo is transported through the Klaipeda State Seaport, it is necessary to submit the cargo data to the Cargo and Goods Information System KIPIS to conduct customs clearance. Our main office is located near the port of Klaipeda, so we have a lot of experience in working with these cargo flows. We will promptly take care of the formalities for the entry, transhipment, removal or temporary storage of your cargo in Klaipeda port.

TRACES NT system and Common Health Entry Document (CHED) - if your goods are products of animal origin, feed of non-animal origin, composite products, plant seeds, goods of organic origin, wooden packaging, and pallets, to bring these goods into Lithuania/ the Union customs territory, the Common Health Entry Document (CHED) is required to be submitted in the TRACES NT system. Depending on the type of goods, the following electronic data forms shall be submitted: CHED-P, CHED-PP, CHED-D or CHED-A. Which form is needed for your cargo? Contact us, and we will answer the question and provide all the necessary information in the TRACES NT system.

Intrastat import and Intrastat export reports - if you only trade with other European Union countries and exceed the established annual value limits, you are obliged to submit Intrastat import and/or Intrastat export reports to the customs every month. In this way, the state collects statistics on trade between the EU countries. Submitting the Intrastat reports requires special knowledge, such as how to determine the commodity code for customs purposes. Intrastat reports have been part of the work of our customs professionals since the first year of the obligation to submit these reports.

The international transport of goods takes place 24/7 to deliver the goods to the consignee as soon as possible; some Lithuanian customs offices also operate under the same model. Would you like to complete customs formalities for your cargo regardless of the time of day or weekend? We provide such a service to customers with whom we have signed long-term cooperation agreements. We will help you not only to clear customs goods for import, export and transit smoothly and expeditiously, but we will also provide the services of a customs broker exactly when you need them.

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We are ready to help in the preparation of an application and other documents for AEOC and AEOS certificates. We review a company's existing internal policies and procedures related to certification and provide proposals for the preparation of new procedures and/or processes. Upon request, we participate in the customs audit.

We evaluate a company's business processes and possibilities for optimising customs procedures and familiarise the company with the authorisations issued by customs decisions that it would be possible to apply for.

Authorisations issued by customs decisions:

  • To apply a comprehensive guarantee;

  • To apply inward or outward processing procedures;

  • To apply temporary admission or end-use procedures;

  • To have temporary storage or customs warehouses, and others.

We can help to prepare an application and additional documentation for obtaining the authorisations. We also provide advice to ensure the smooth fulfilment of the authorisation’s conditions and customs requirements.

According to the needs of companies, we review the formalised customs procedures and internal procedures related to customs processes and assess the potential risks of customs activities as well as introduce possible simplifications of customs procedures and processes. We help to resolve issues related to the compliance of the company's activities with customs requirements, and we provide training for employees.

We have the knowledge, experience and necessary competence in the field of customs. We provide advice on procedures or document formalities of other authorities as far as it is related to the application of customs procedures and legislation. We consult on various issues related to customs supervision and control.

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About us

Vision - seamless customs clearance of your goods: compliant, efficient and using advanced technologies


Mission - to help you to complete customs formalities smoothly, quickly and correctly


Values - professionalism, responsibility, leadership


Team - looking for individual solutions to meet each customer’s highest expectations


Purpose - to be always one step ahead to provide the highest quality services through long-term cooperation


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